The family relationship topic series Over the Sea I Come to You was broadcasted on ZJSTV and Dragon TV. At the same time, it will be broadcasted on Tencent video, IQIYI and YOUKU video platform. The series was directed by Xiaofeng YAO, played by Honglei SUN, Zhilei XIN and Joseph ZENG. The series is telling a story about the contradiction within the family atmosphere and focusing on abroad student. The series is also talking about the healthy parent-child relationship of Chinese society at present, it has the vital reality meaning.

Form the Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons to the Over the Sea I Come to You, from the gentle modest Wuji to the young teenager Xiaodong, Joseph ZENG’s performance has given the audience surprises continually. He played many different roles as a qualified actor. This time Joseph ZENG played an oversea rebel teenager and cooperated with Honglei SUN. Let us wait and see!