The family emotion series Over the Sea I Come to You which directed by Xiaofeng YAO and played by Joseph ZENG and Honglei SUN is a hit on screen now. The real-time audience rating is the highest many times. The series is focused on the growth story of two generations of parents and children’s hit social topic. With Joseph ZENG and Honglei SUN, father and son’s growth, the series has brought up the new healthy mode of parent-child relationship. The topic has become a hit and attracted the audience’s attention.

In the series, Xiaodong HUANG is rebel and curious about the world, his father is worried about him all the time. In the real life, Joseph ZENG is a warm and positive boy. In the interview, he has burst into tears when mentioned about his father. He has encouraged himself to be the pride of his parents. The audience can also see the improvement and faith in his every series. The series is broadcasted on ZJSTV and Shanghai Dragon TV. At the same time, it is broadcasted on Tencent video, IQIYI and YOUKU video platform every night. Looking forward to seeing the excellent stories of the series in the near future!