On September 10th, the series NEVER STAND STILL made by the Penguin Video, WAJIJIWA and the Mango TV was broadcasted on September 10th 8pm on the Tencent Video and the Mango TV officially. The series NEVER STAND STILL tells a story about the confusion of youth, Yi Ran plays Lishan Su who wants to look for the meaning of life. In the episode that released on Tuesday, Lishan Su, played by Yi Ran met the Bufan Yang who came to hospital for diagnosis. She explained the “Theory of Bottle Cap” patiently and helped him find the way to understand the depression correctly. Lishan Su touched the audience warmly by love. The professional angels in white image has also attracted the audience.

Looking forward to seeing Bufan Yang and Lishan Su’s warm stories after they met each other and hugging the sunshine together. Let us wait and see doctor Lishan Su (played by Yi Ran)’s excellent performance next!