On September, Joseph Zeng has become the new spokesman of LXQ. Joseph Zeng has changed and grown up on the way of acting, his has gained recognition for the excellent image. This time, Joseph Zeng was praised and admired by the founder of the brand on Weibo for the sunshine image and professional attitude.  

Joseph Zeng’s grades of screen is surprising in the recent half a year. It is said that the new edition of the series HEAVENLY SWORD DRAGON SLAYING SABER’s view counts has become the TOP1 and the most attractive series of 2019 for member on the Tencent video in the first half a year. The series OVERSEA I COME TO YOU has also become a hit on the internet and gained both the high ratings and view counts. The new series THE JOURNEY ACROSS THE NIGHT will meet us soon. Looking forward to seeing Joseph Zeng’s excellent performance in the future in the television and film field!