On August 3rd, Neo Hooo has held the Neo·U Birthday Party in Beijing. Neo Hooo has reviewed his highlight moments of theses years after the debut with his fans at the scene and performed the “Perfect”, “Shao Nian Shi” and “Tian Zhen You Xie” etc. He has also brought a dance performance for fans at the scene. At last, he ended the warm and romantic birthday party by singing the song “Angle”.

Neo Hooo has prepared many surprises for the birthday party in advance. When the games started, he has played the guitar and did the magic for the fans who won games. To celebrate the birthday with fans, Neo Hooo said: “My fans stay with me all the way, it is so lucky and happy to have your support, I will stay with you, too.” Next, Neo Hooo will meet the people who support him with more television and film works in the future, let us wait and see!