The second season of Super Vocal made by HNTV has gained much attention after the broadcasting. Laure SHANG and Changyong Liao, A Mei were the producers of the second season, their professional comment and 36 new trainees’ performances for the bel canto and music play attracted the audience. The topics of the show have also become a hit on Weibo Search etc. On July 29th, the People’s Daily has praised the program for its positive way and attractive voice. The talent show Super Vocal has the positive impact on people’s spiritual and cultural life. The second season has also showed the charm of the vocal music. Let the elegant art appear at every corner of life.

This Friday 20:10, the third episode of the talent show Super Vocal will be broadcasted. This week, 36 trainees will perform the duet for the first time. Let us wait and see!