NEO Hooo’s youth film Over Again that directed by Ming HUA will be shown on July 26th. The press conference for the premiere of the film “Over Again” was held on July 22nd. The main actors and actresses have shared their campus life with their fans at the press conference. “In memory of youth, embrace the past”.

The film is telling a story about three friends grown up together and their youth stories on the way of growth. Neo Hooo played a high school student’s Silin GAO. NEO Hooo was asked the reason of his acception for this film and who he wanted to hug if there was a chance back to the past. Neo Hooo said that he liked the fantasy films in normal times and he will be attracted by the fantasy films. If he could go back to the past, he wanted to hug his grandmother mostly to remember the sense of warm. The film will meet the audience officially on July 26th.