On July 11th, NEO Hooo was invited to attend the LOUIS VUITTON 2019 AW Men’s Clothing Pop-Up Store Activity. At that day, NEO Hooo was wearing brand’s classic purple emboss printing hoodie with wet hair. The classic element was perfectly matched with the street style. At the scene, NEO Hooo has talked about the impressive fashion single object, he said that he was very interested in the Taiga Rainbow series, the classic style is highly matched with the rainbow lines which is also street style.

In the interview, NEO Hooo was asked about the constellation, he said that he is Leo, he is confident about his work and career, he will be one-hundred percent devoted into his work, he is a new actor of great enterprise. For the praise from the public and the audience of his role “Wu Xie” recently, NEO Hooo has thanked for the everyone’s recognition and we will see more NEO Hooo’s better performance in the future.