Recently, the “Entertainment Capital” has talked to the BG Talent’s founder Plato NIE: “The mobile terminal is our main land, the web generation of the entertainment company is on the rise.” BG Talent is focusing on building the new idols, actors and actresses. It involved in three fields: actor, singer and idol. Three tracks, three ways and three systems. The new entertainers will be fully developed at last. The chairman of the board Plato NIE said: “No matter actor, singer and idol we create, or the programs produced in the future, we need to meet all requirements of all people of the web generations. In simple terms, the product need to have the sense of web. The internet users’ requirements: except for the product itself, we need to interact with the product. BG Talent will be an entertainment group of the web generation of the plateau type.

With the huge change and development of the entertainment business, standing at the most competitive crossroads, from artists’ training, promotion, packing and commercialization, the BG Talent has built a set of the artist-train-system of advanced type. The new BG Television and Film will create the high quality plan for the artists’ training and operation to form a completed internal artist “market our own products” model. We will protect the development of artists, let us wait and see!