Focusing on parenthood and generation gap, the education series Over the Sea I Come to You has become a hit after the broadcasting on ZJSTV and the GRAGON TV. The PViews of the Weibo topic has reached 1.42 billion. The audience was excited to watch the series.

In the series, the father grew with the son together, they have learned how to love and how to be loved. Outside the set, Honglei SUN and Joseph ZENG have the unique tacit understanding. In the interview, Joseph ZENG said that he would be a little nervous when acted with Honglei SUN. But under the guidance of Honglei SUN, he did better than before. Honglei SUN has also praised Joseph ZENG who has cooperated with him at the first time. He said that Joseph ZENG is a very gifted actor. Joseph ZENG has finished his part perfectly. What surprises will Joseph ZENG bring to the audience in the next story? Let us wait and see the series Over the Sea I Come to You!