The youth fantasy film OVER AGAIN played by NEO Hooo will be shown on August 16th all over the country. Recently, an episode named “We Graduated” was exposed. In this episode, “Silin GAO” played by NEO Hooo recalled his high school life and expressed his encouragement of students who will leave the campus.

The film OVER AGAIN focus on the teen school life and family emotional life. In the film, NEO Hooo played the high school student “Silin Gao”. He has longed so much for love from parents behind the glossy exterior. Recalling his school life, NEO Hooo said: “I miss the middle school and high school life.” At the same time, NEO Hooo wished that students who had just left the campus can cherish the time, teachers and classmates. It is said that the film OVER AGAIN will be shown nationwide on August 16th.