The original music service show Singing Choice made by BTV has just ended. The electronic singer-songwriter Laure SHANG, Quan LI and three other voice tutors have gathered together for the first time. Laure SHANG has also performed the Chinese version of the original single “Running Out” for the first time in the program. The single is related to part of Laure SHANG’s emotional expansion. Every young man can see himself inside the single. For Laure SHANG, except for the voice, ideological level is the other requirement for a singer. The voice partners Jingxi ZHU and Tianqi CUI have written the lyrics independently to match with each other’s music concept. At the end of the program, Laure SHANG performed the classic youth single “HUA HUO” on the stage. Review the essence, salute to the youth Youth images went through your min, filled with emotion.