On June 15th, the UNINE FAN MEETING TOUR ‘RUN TO U’ was held in Beijing. That night, Fans were all excited to see UNINE’s dancing and singing performance. Wearing total black look with unique eyes make-up, Zhenning LI looked charming and attractive. After the fan meeting, Zhenning LI has posted his thanks to his fans on social media. Shining and starlight, on the dream road, looking forward to seeing UNINE and Zhenning LI’s fan meeting in Fuzhou on June 29th!

Besides, June 19th is the caring-sick child public day, UNINE has launched the library welfare program. As the love ambassador of this welfare activity, UNINE wished to use their idol power to encourage young teenager and loving people from all circles in the society to care sick children. Support the welfare, from you and me, let us create more reading space and conditions for sick children with the loving ambassador Zhenning LI.