Recently the trailer and the poster of the family-relationship series Over the Sea I Come to You made by QI MENG Movie, directed by Xiaofeng YAO and played by Honglei SUN, Zhilei Xin, Joseph ZENG, Mintao LIU, Songyan TU and Le YANG were released officially. The series is telling a story about the true side of foreign students and their family’s life. The topic is very realistic for the audience. The series Over the Sea I Come to You tells the audience the story between the father Chengdong HUANG (played by Honglei SUN) and the son Xiaodong HUANG (played by Joseph ZENG) in United States, they chose to understand and accept each other eventually. From the trailer which was exposed before, the audience said that they were really looking forward to seeing the series. “Xiaodong HUANG” is Joseph ZENG’s new role after his role “Wuji ZHANG” of the series Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber. Let us wait and see Joseph ZENG’s excellent performance in the near future!