On May 7th, the internal shooting of the television series Hello Prosecutor made by YOUKU, KUNCHI, the China Procurational Press and the People’s Procuratorate of Beijing Municipality was all finished. From the cold winter to the beginning of the Summer, the one-hundred days’ shooting was finished officially. Chan played Yan LV who is a young prosecutor in the series.

It is said that the television series Hello Prosecutor is written to be realism to show the audience what is prosecutor’s true daily work and study life. The series is adapted by the real case, shot at the real scene and produced by some true excellent prosecutors. There are many factors such as emotion, youth and growth in the series, the professional spirit of the prosecutor is the only thing that will never be changed from the beginning to the end. The series will be on screen of some top satellite televisions and platforms in the near future, let us wait and see!