Recently, the new edition of Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber was broadcasting on TVB, HK. It is said that Lawrence Ng Kai Wah who played TVB’s Wuji ZHANG has already showed his support for Joseph ZENG before which kept the connection between two generations of Wuji ZHANG. Joseph ZENG who played Wuji ZHANG in the series has gained many praises from Hong Kong audience. It is said that Joseph ZENG has prepared for the audition and the shooting in 4 months and canceled all commercial activities for playing Wuji ZHANG perfectly. His effort and attitude have also gained him many praises from all staff on the set, fans of the series and fans of original work in Hong Kong. Joseph ZENG has worked so hard on his way to become a professional actor. His insistence and love for acting really impressed the audience. Let us wait and see more Joseph ZENG’s excellent performance in the near future!