On April 24th, the Dream Aerospace - 2019 "China's Aerospace Day" Ceremony in HNTV direct broadcasting to a global audience. That night, the electronic singer-songwriter Laure SHANG appeared at the scene, and performed the theme song of the ceremony "Dream" together with the famous artist Changyong LIAO. Two excellent singers used to be producers of the inspirational vocal music HNTV's original program Super Vocal, they supported the members’ singer dream as tutors in the program. On the ceremony Laure SHANG also became the speaker of the Aerospace dream and the singer, with a single "Dream" sung the one-thousand flying dreams, delivered the spirit of China Aerospace, and cheered for China's aerospace industry. It is worth mentioning that the ceremony put the flying dreams of the China into the theme song "Dream", show the development of China Aerospace sector, inheriting the Chinese Aerospace spirit. Two singers with the creative stage-design, it is the feast for the audience in the visual and auditory. Let the audience feel the China Aerospace exploration spirit, salute to Chinese Aerospace.