On April 6th, BG Music’s electronic singer-songwriter Laure SHANG has attended the second season of the music program EVERLASTING CLASSICS after she made the original single “The Song of Mulan”. She used the modern pop electronic music to perform the Tang Dynasty poet Cen Shen’s poem “Bai Xue Ge Song Wu Pan Guan Gui Jing”. The single was made by Laure SHANG and the single “Bai Xue Ge” which was written by the new generation of lyricist Guo De Zi Yi was released officially. This is Laure SHANG’s professional and creative original single after the single “The Song of Mulan” and “Bu Gu Zi Ming”. The single “Bai Xue Ge” uses modern music to perform classic poem’s charm. After thousands of years the classic poems have become popular again. This can make people pay more attention to professional culture under the background of new times.