Asian singer and songwriter Dimash from BG Music released his first English single Screaming online. It went to TOP 1 of popular song ranking in just two minutes! On May 19th, Dimash sang Screaming with fans in Shenzhen concert where all tickets were sold out and it truly fired the live! To thank his fans, Dimash joined in the advertising of Screaming MV and it was finally released on his birthday May 24th at 12 in the morning. There are five filming scenes for this music video - brambles, navy cornfield, black starry sky, blue deep sea and orange fog. To present perfect scenes in music video, Dimash insisted on shoot for 34 hours including ten hours in water. Dimash felt exciting to film in water for the first time. It was a long time for Dimash to finish this work, regardless of low temperature, which shows his dedication.