On May 19th, the first stop of Dimash’s D-Dynasty world tour was held in Shenzhen. It is a record breaking and fully upgraded concert with huge investment in the history of music in mandarin. The concert has whole new design in every aspect. It is produced by top director and production crews in the world. It pursues nature of music, uses internationalized effects of 360-degree panorama combined by rotated LED parts, with upgraded choreography, 360-degree full-space effects, and fusion of reality and imagination, to show the 3-D grand music world of Dimash. As the first concert in 2018, selection of songs is different from that in the past year - more songs in mandarin and few debut of new singles. In order to rock audiences, more details were designed in the choreography, which are in harmony with Dimash’s look created by top invited stylists. Dimash sang Screaming, sang The Crown along with audiences, and performed The Diva Dance like a music ‘God’. Multilingual songs, top-designed choreography, and gorgeous costumes fired the live in Shenzhen!