This week the B/G Music has exposed the two groups of visual modelling teams of Dimash’s concert—DO-Fashion. This time the modelling of the concert tour is the center of attention. We invited Du Du Xiao Xiao back again to make Dimash’s own style for the concert tour. Except for the attractive modelling, the haute couture brand SWAROVSKI also designed the unique costumes to support the Asian king-singer. On April 23rd, Dimash joined his first rehearsal with the famous music director T.Z.TAN team. They arranged the songs of concert tour and made the tailor songs for Dimash. In this episode Dimash sometimes concentrates his attention on singing, sometimes he makes eye contact with the band. On April 24th, we will fully start the campaign of the concert tour, on and offline, including the entire network, campuses and central business circles. Let’s wait and see Dimash’s excellent performance on May 19th!