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Laure Shang made her debut by getting the highest number of votes in the talent show Super Girl. In 2007, she released her first EP “Meng Zhi Fu Qiao” and the albums “Beneath Van Gogh's Starry Sky” “About Us”. In 2008, she held the concerts all over China. From year 2009 to year 2010, she released the album “Time Lady” and “Fashion Icon”. In 2011, she released the original album “Nightmare” and “In”. In 2012, she released the original album “Ode to the Doom”. In 2013, she released the original album “Graceland” and participated in the first season of talent show I Am a Singer made by GBS. In the same year she served as the judge of competition of talent show Super Boy 2013 and lionized Chenyu Hua to be the champion. In 2016 she served as the judge of the final of talent show Super Girl. On December 18, she released her original album “Black & Golden” and started her cross-country tour Single Boy PARTY. In 2017, she made the debut in the Stereoscopic Animation Bears the fantasy of space. The movie got more than 500 million box office, and she was also the singer-songwriter of the theme song. In the same year she released the 10th anniversary electronic album “The Golden Collection” with 28 original songs.

From year 2011 to year 2014, Laure was invited to attend the Paris Fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week six times. In 2013, she performed for the Sino-French state banquet. In 2014, she set up the company BG Talent with her partner Plato and lionized many capability style young idols such as Joseph, Dimash, Minghao Hou and Jiaen Jiang. Laure Shang also created the E-commerce brand “ma puce” and made the crossover to the investor of entertainment products. In 2015, she performed for the China-Belgium state banquet and the 4th China - Central and Eastern Europe leader Summit Meeting. In the same year Laure Shang was awarded the Ambassador for cultural exchange of Sino-French and China – UK. Until now, Laure Shang has concentrated efforts on many public welfare undertakings such as “firefly action” and “Shang Xue Lu Shang”.

On April 9, 2017, Laure Shang was awarded Beat Female Singer.



Year of 2007

On June 1, she presided the China-France Art Festival “Sleep No More” together with the French cultural consul Dele Yu and performed the French old song.

In June, she signed the contract with Huayi Brothers Media Group and released her first EP “Meng Zhi Fu Qiao”, the EP quickly became the run-up EP of the year 2007 on within a month.

On October 22, she released her first album “Beneath Van Gogh’s Starry Sky”, the album quickly became the champion album of the Sales charts of year 2007 on within 3 months. In addition, she released the Christmas album “About Us”. 

Year of 2008

On March 1, Laure held the “2008 Bai Li Shang Jia” Beijing concert at the Beijing exhibition hall.  

On 16 March, she represented the “2008 Beijing Ireland Week” cruise activity.

On October 18, Laure held the “2008 Bai Li” Shenzhen concert at the Shenzhen Gymnasium.

In November, she recorded the theme song “Seen All of the World” of the opening ceremony of the Chinese station of the 2008 Global Entrepreneurship Week which was held in Shanghai at a recording studio of Beijing. 

On November 21, Laure Shang was appointed as the first Chinese follower of the Master of Flamenco Guitar Parker Mora and she also served as the translator of the master. At the end of year, she performed the theme song “Xin Yi Wei Zhen” of the film If You Are the One along with River Yu and tried to write the lyrics of OST by herself at the first time. Then she wrote French lyrics of her song “Quand jeme regarde”.

Year of 2009

On January 9, Laure Shang held the “2009 Tian Lai Qing Cheng Shanghai Symphony Concert” and became the first pop singer in the mainland China who performed at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center.

On April 9, she attended the special performance of Juliette Binoche on CCTV-6 Sino-French movie communication program and performed the classic French chanson “la vie en rose”.

On May 15, she attended the release party of excellent songs of the 1st songs collection activities of the 2011 World University Games.

On September 16, she played a hot teacher in the first, third and fifth play of opera French Dinner of Two People at the theater of Mahua FunAge. 

On October 12, she held the start-up presentation of TIME LADY cross-country tour concert at the Xiandan Joy City in Beijing.

From 13 November to 12 December, she held the 2009 TIME LADY cross-country tour concert in Beijing (Forbidden City Concert Hall), Chengdu(Jincheng Art Palace), Shanghai( Shanghai Oriental Art Center) and Guangzhou(Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall). It was the first time for Laure Shang to prove to combine music and fashion together with action.

On December 17, she attended the 2009 ELLE Fashion Award Ceremony in Shanghai and performed the original Spanish-French song “Amis”.

Year of 2010

On April 8, Laure Shang attended the Shanghai International Fashion Week “Ni Shang Art Exhibition” and made her debut of the catwalk.

From 19 May to 18 May, she recorded the theme song “Better City, Better Life” of the Overseas Promotions of the Shanghai World Exposition and shot the MV of the theme song.

On June 13, she performed on the Belgium National Pavilion Day Ceremony of the Shanghai World Exposition with Malong Shang. They performed the original trilingual theme song “Our Song”.

On June 20, she used three kinds of language to preside the start-up ceremony of the Summer Music Festival during the 2010 World Exposition and performed the French song “Amis”.

On July 13, she attended the Beijing premieres of the film Aftershock and performed the theme song “23 Seconds, 32 Years” of the film.

On July 15, she became the first Chinese female singer who appeared in fashion magazine L'OFFICIEL HOMMES.

On September 23, she performed five new songs on the album release conference “Fashion Icon” at the MAKO LIVE HOUSE in Beijing and made an announcement on leaving the field of the Chinese pop music. She decided to make the album in accordance with her hobbies instead of pop music style.

On December 21, she released the first personal electronic music Remix album “Ma Puce” over her music career.

Year of 2011

On February 4, she performed the song “I Still Believe” with Lara Fabian on the BTV Global Spring Festival Gala.

On October 13, she recorded the program shooting activity of the Laure Shang’s documentary “Faut Pas Rêver” directed by the la télévision France in many cities of China for a month.

On December 7, she performed French song on The Night of Mercedes-Benz Smart Anniversary Ceremony and communicated with the German senior executive of Mercedes-Benz.

Year of 2012

On January 12, as presenter and performer she attended the 2011 Shanghai Loreal Fashion Media Award Ceremony.

On July 2, as the only Chinese female singer who was invited, she attended the Lanvin 2013 S/S New Product Conference of the Paris Male Fashion Week.

Year of 2013 

On January 18, Laure Shang participated in the first season of the talent show I AM A SINGER made by GBS and PK with six senior singers, her excellent performance impressed the entire audience.

On July 30, she served as the tutor of the final of 12th “Chinese Bridge” world university students Chinese competition.

In October, Laure Shang set up her personal studio and released the third original electronic record “Graceland”.

Year of 2014

 Laure Shang established her own company BG TALENT and lionized fist group of stars “Fresh”. She also created the E-commerce brand “Ma Puce” and launched its first earphone and suitcase. Furthermore, she made an official announcement on making the crossover to the investor of entertainment products.

Year of 2015

On December 2, Laure Shang released the propaganda song “Six Seconds’ Memory” of the character Sitian Ding played by Angelababy in the film The Ghouls. Laure Shang used her special voice to express the innermost world of the character perfectly.

Year of 2016

On January 7, Laure Shang was awarded the best female singer on The Night of Sina Weibo Award Ceremony in Beijing.

On July 1, Laure Shang performed the Sino-French bilingual song “L'Internationale” on the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China celebration in Hunan province.

On July 30, Laure Shang, Leo Ku, Ten2 and Hacken Lee formed the Super Delegation of talent show I Am a Singer and together attended the talent show 2016 Super Girl.

On September 29, Laure Shang was awarded the fashion example of the year 2016 on the YOKA Fashion Ceremony in Beijing.

On December 18, electronic singer-songwriter Laure Shang held the Single Boy PARTY of the new album “Black & Golden” release conference in Beijing.

Year of 2017

On February 10, Laure Shang released the theme song “Blossoming Shanghai” of the film Lord of Shanghai directed by Sherwood Hu.

On February 24, As a singer-songwriter, Laure Shang released the 10th anniversary electronic specials “The Golden Collection” of the Black & Golden series which was produced by ten global excellent electronic producers with 28 original electronic songs.




The Puzzle Pieces


The Puzzle Pieces is the fifth original album by electronic singer-song writer Laure Shang of BG Music. This album includes 10 original songs in English and French, and it is the most experimental one among her five original electronic albums. It was created based on Shang's spiritual world. Masters in electronic music from all over the world were gathered to produce this exclusive album for Shang. After two years from last album, Shang launched this one, and all 10 songs express her own spiritual world.

Black & Golden


Black & Golden is the fourth original album by Laure Shang. This is an electronic music album after Graceland, and it collected 9 original singles of hers from 2014 to 2016.  Shang produced the album during the preparation of three years. Shang's studio coorperated with U.K. musician David Kosten, Daniel Merlot, U.K. electronic music production crew Red Triangle, Guy Sigsworth and Xiaoyi Kong and used their own ideas to make the exclusive album more independent and closer to Shang's spiritual world.

Single Boy

Single Boy is a classic electronic dancing song written by Laure Shang and arranged by U.K. popular E.M. production crew Red Triangle. This is another coorperation with Red Triangle after Big Up. "So dance with your body and dance with me. Desires are burning, so feel the heat!" expresses the real power of confidence and insistence.



Entangled Worlds (2017)

Role:   lead robber among 3 ones

Back Thrust (2011)

Role:   Qiu San

Watch Out For The Bear (2010)

Role:   Shanshan Le

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