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Neo Hooo, who was born on August 3,1997 in Beijing, is an actor and singer in Mainland China.

As a 20-year-old boy, Hooo enjoys to challenge himself and break out of his limits. Not only that, he is a big fan of body building and sports games. Young, courageous, and energetic Hooo leaves a sporty yet attractive image to the public. 

Hooo quickly became the leading character of two major films produced by production teams from Hong Kong within three months of entering the industry. He was the leading actor in super IP movie The Devotion of Suspect X written by Keigo Higashino, which was directed by Youpeng Su. 

Hooo's magnum opus includes film Our Football, TV series The Monkey King 3, super IP web series Reasoning Notes made by Le Vision Pictures, and super web series Precambrian times made by Youku. At the same time, he participated in several top, high-ranking reality shows such as Day Day Up, Fresh Sunday, Grade One made by GBS, Beat the Champions made by ZTV, and Let Me Go Baby made by Tencent. In addition, he released his debut single "Super Daddy" and "Make-ups". A boy like Hooo, who is so well-rounded in the entertainment industry, has being described as a potential "rising star" by the mainstream media.



Year of 2014

In July, Hooo auditioned in the talent competition Trainee of Shang. After going through a fierce selection, he finally became a trainee of Shang studio.

On 12 December, he made his debut as a member of fresh and together released their first album, UP 4 U.

Year of 2015

On 28 August, he released EP "Summer Wars" with his band.

On 29 September, he released a single "Goodnight, World".

In November, he appeared as Yuntuan Wei, the leading character, in a black comedy The Bird Be Surprised by a Bow along with Weitong Zhou and Da Ying. In the meantime, He sang the theme song of the film.

In December, he returned to the band after the filming was completed; He then attended the sixth DoNews Award Ceremony with his members.

Year of 2016

On 9 January, he appeared in reality show Grade One produced by GBS in his own name instead of representing his group for the first time.

On 10 January, he made an official announcement on leaving the group and becoming a solo singer during the live recording of a variety show produced by Le Vision Pictures, Queen's Secret. Hooo therefore became the first idol artist who announced solo during the recording of a live show in the word. 

On 22 January, he participated the variety show Day Day UP as a host for the first time of his life.

On 18 May, he attended the OK magazine 4th Anniversary Award Ceremony and was nominated as the Best Newcomer of the year. 

On 11 July, he released his first single "Super Daddy", in which part of the lyrics were written by him.

In November, the film Our Football played by Neo Hooo, Haomin Chen and Shaowen Hao was released in the Mainland of China. He played a brave, funny boy who was also a germaphobic in the film.

On 29 November, the network romantic comedy tian Angel school's love war was released on video websites. Hooo challenged his image by playing a punk teenager in the movie; at the same time, he sang the soundtrack for the film. 

Year of 2017

In February, he played the leading actor, MI KAKA, in the mysterious web series Reasoning Notes produced by Le Vision Pictures.

In March, he played Chuan Tang, a talented boy with high intelligence, in the mysterious film The Devotion of Suspect X.

In May, the web series Precambrian times was released on Youku website.  He played Jianzi, a brutal killer who can't make a choice between two sides; Moreover, he sang "Make-ups", the soundtrack of the film.

In August, he played Jingxuan Bai in web series Rakshasa Street, it's his first time to challenge ancient costume. He also played young Tang Monk in TV series The Monkey King 3 along with Lu Bai in the same year.



Mask (脸谱)

Mask (脸谱) is the Jiantang Couple theme song of Cambrian Period.  It is composed by Kun Zhang, arranged by Siyuan Cen, mixed by Matt Lawrence and lyrics is written by Monkey.

Super Daddy (超能奶爸)

Super Daddy is theme song of《放开我北鼻》show. It is composed by Jia Liu, and lyrics is written by Xiaoshan Zhenzi, Jia Liu and Hooo.


You Mean Everything To Me 

You Mean Everything to Me is the first English single of Hooo to propose to his fans. The production crew coorperated with world top singers such as Maroon 5, Chris Brown, etc. It is arranged, produced and mixed by Australian electronic musician T.Apte.



The Devotion of Suspect X

The Devotion of Suspect X is a mystery film recomposed from mystery writter Keigo Higashino's novel of the same name. It is directed by Youpeng Su, starring by Kai Wang, Luyi Zhang, Zuxin Ye, Enxi Deng, etc., and has special starring by Xinru Lin. This film was released on Mar. 31st, 2017 in China.

Raskshasa Street

Raskshasa Street is the internet series presented by Youku Inc., Aofei Inc., Xiong Haizi Inc. and You Yaoqi Inc., and stars by Dongcheng Wang, Yuexi An etc.. It is recomposed from cartoon drawn by Chen Xu. The plot tells a guardian Yanbing Cao met a maiden Ling Xia who mistakenly reached the place on the Raskshasa street with mortal and spiriture beings coexisting, and they started a journey of salvation and guardianship. Raskshasa Street was released at the earlist on Aug. 2nd, 2017 from Youku.  

Cambrian Period

Cambrian Period is the internet series presented bu HEYI Inc.. It is directed by Fenghong Jiang, starring by Yutong Zhou, Hooo, Junxiang He, Longfei Fu, Han Qin, Zhengyu Zhao etc. The plot tells a female landed an island covered by force of darkness. She got involved in the complex conflicts and started a romantic, thrilling, happy as well as sad journey. Cambrian Period was released on May 8th, 2017 from Youku. 




Inference Notes

Internet series Inference Notes are recomposed from Zaoan Xiatian's novel of the same name. It is directed by Qingzhen Lin, starring by Zifeng Zhang, Hooo, Duo Wang, and Jialiang Wang.  The series tell a risky inference story that idol maiden Zaoan Xia and super detective Kaka Mi are gradually caught in a conflict against a mysterious organization after experiencing a series of sudden revenges. Inference Notes was released on Nov. 3rd, 2017.


The Monkey King 3

The Monkey King 3 was directed by Zuquan Huang, starring by Hooo, Quan Ao, Bailu, Zheng Huang, etc.. The plot tell a story that before Monk Tang becomes a monk, he had a relationship with queen of queendom. After he helps to restore her to the throne, he departs for the journey to the west. The series were released on Feb. 25h, 2018.

The Lost Tomb II

The Lost Tomb II is a season series starring by Hooo, Yi Cheng, Man Li, etc.. It is presented by Huanrui Inc. and QiE Inc., directed by Guohui Liu, Ang Li and Yu Zhou, and has script written by Yicong Bai and Ang Li.  

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