On September 26th, the actor Neo Hooo has appeared at the K11 Alcon Experiment Center in Shang as the ambassador of the brand Alcon. He looked young and fashion in the special pattern shirt and bring a colorful scene in this autumn. Also, he shared his tips of protecting eyes with fans and called on attention on eyes’ health to care about fans.

On September 27th, the topic “99.9% Neo Hooo’s Choice” has become the top trending searches on Weibo. Fans all got the Neo Hooo’s same product and they were really looking to seeing Neo Hooo’s Xin Zhai Lie Ren, The New Vision of A Chinese Ghost Story, Wo Jiu Shi Zhe Ban Nv Zi. It is said that they may be broadcasted at the end of this year, let us wait and see Neo Hooo’s excellent performance.