On June 12th,the shooting of the costume romantic drama Wo Jiu Shi Zhe Ban Nv Zi that directed by Weixiang Chen and Xiaobo Yang, acted Neo Hooo and Xiaotong Guan ended perfectly. The posters were also exposed officially. Wearing white robe with scrolls in his hand, long hair and deep eyes, Neo Hooo looks gentle in the official poster of his costume look. Many fans said that Neo Hooo looked exactly like the role “Rong Xia Gong Zi” in their mind. Looking forward to watching the drama Wo Jiu Shi Zhe Ban Nv Zi in the near future!

The next day, Neo Hooo has appeared on the stage of Top Global Chinese Music produced by CCTV in a set of pink and purple suits of the LV S/S series. He has performed two songs “Zheng Qing Chun” and “Sui Yue Bu Rao Ren” to bring the audience back to the teen years by his gentle and deep voice. Finally, Neo Hooo won the champion and his first performance came to a perfect end.