On December 19th, Chan’s new series Yuan Lai Ni Shi Zhe Yang De Gu Xian Sheng was started, fans are looking forward to seeing his new role. It is said that Chan will act a CEO Nanzhou Gu who has two different sides and funny at the same. Nanzhou Gu signed the marriage contract with the feminine lead. They become good friends even lovers at the end. Let us wait and see this special story.

As a young actor, Chan is always learning and unlocking new roles. No matter the prosecutor Yan Lv in the series Hello, Prosecutor or the ancient-costume role in the series The Legend of Jinyin, Chan keeps challenging himself and practicing acting skills, he finished more television and film works to in return for fans and audience who supported him. Recently, the trailers of the series Hello, Prosecutor was released, we are looking forward to seeing Chan’s excellent series in the new career series.