On December 7th, the young actor Neo Hooo was wearing a set of black suits and golden glasses at the Figaro Fashion Ceremony of year 2019. At that day, Neo Hooo performed the theme song of the hot campus series When We Were Young at the scene and has won the “Annual Welfare Idol Award” at the same time.

On December 10th, Neo Hooo attended the Sina Fashion Style Ceremony of year 2019 and won the “Annual Teen Power Artist Award”. As a young actor, Neo Hooo devoted himself in welfare business as an actor and joined in many welfare programs. He becomes the youth and health ambassador of the China Family Planning Association by his warm and real image. Neo Hooo thanked to Sina Fashion’s praises and award, he hoped to show his attitude and power to young adults of new generation. Looking forward to witnessing Neo Hooo’s excellent performance in the next year!